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What is VDI?


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI, refers to the process of running a user desktop inside a virtual machine that lives on a server in the datacenter. It’s a powerful form of desktop virtualization because it enables fully personalized desktops for each user with all the security and simplicity of centralized management.

VDI enables customers to streamline management and costs by consolidating and centralizing the desktops while delivering end-users mobility and the freedom to access virtual desktops anytime, from anywhere, on any device.  It’s important to understand, however, that VDI is only one form of desktop virtualization.

How does Citrix help with VDI?


Many companies have users who jobs are different according to each individual profession.  It is less effective if companies don't have the right tool to be efficient in these days.  Intnet provide the right tools for companies who required their workers to be more efficient by equip them with technology that required to work in a fast moving environment.

The solution that Intnet could offer is Citrix VDI-in-a-Box for simple IT organization.  Where every worker able to access their virtual desktop anywhere as long as they have device that could access internet.  VDI allows one size fits all approach to desktop virtualization. It allows worker to be more efficient by allowing worker to work or input data into their virtual desktop when needed.  It is cost effective for companies who required efficiency and productivity.